Thursday, 5 December 2013

My toes froze !

This Wednesday we all went on a maths trip to Rathbeggan lakes. We were all split up into groups and given different maths tasks to do.
    Our first task was outside and we were so cold! we had to answer questions on a sheet. Their were benches out side that we had to sit on that were all wet. Luckily our group finished this quickly and our next task could be done inside.
   We were given a map and had to answer questions on it. This wasn't to hard but it took use ages to find out where the different towns were on the map (I am not good with maps!).
  Unfortunately our next maths questions had to be done outside. These questions were harder then the others. They were all based on area and volume. We had to find the amount of water held in a cylinder and the volume of the cylinder and other objects. It was so cold outside that my hands went blue!
    For our next challenge we were aloud to sit beside the fire so that we could warm up. I may have spent longer then I should have on this challenge so I could stay by the fire longer :)
    When the time was up the man in charge gave out family passes to Rathbeggan lakes to the group they thought worked the best. It turns out my group won so we all got passes. Afterwords we went to Blanchard's town to get lunch. It was a really good day out even though it was freezing.

The Deadwood Stage

This year our school is putting on the musical calamity Jane. I decided to get involved. In the musical I am playing a cowboy due to the lack of boys taking part in it.
    Rehrsals started a few weeks ago and they have been so much fun. I have to dance in the background with other girls. I was not happy about this at the start because my co-ordination is terrible!!! After a while I started to really enjoy it.
    The song we have been practicing is The Deadwood stage. It is the opening number of the musical and we will be preforming it for the musical launch this Friday. I am really looking forward to it as it is the first time we will preform it in front of an audience. Hopefully everything goes to plan :)


Friday, 29 November 2013

Schools across borders

Last Thursday, the whole of TY went to the City West hotel to a talk about schools across borders. Schools Across Borders is a charity that aims at bringing young people from different schools and places together. There were four other schools at the talk. All of them were from Dublin.
         The day started off with each school giving a presentation on what they had done so far this year. It would have been very interesting to hear what the other schools had to say but unfortunately I was down the back of the hall so could not hear a lot of the presentations.
          Next we had an ice breaker with the other schools. We were put into groups with people from  the each of the schools. This would had been very good but the presentations took longer then expected so we did not have a chance to get to know the people. After the ice breakers we saw a play put on by a drama group by from Antrim. I thought that it was very good and really enjoyed watching it. When the play was over we got the chance to talk to young people from Palestine and Burma. Their stories were very eye opening. They told us about how they were no longer welcome in their home country and some were forced to leave or grew up in refugee camps.
        After lunch we were able to walk around and talk to people who worked for the different NGOs,which included Amnesty International and Trocaire. I also had the chance to interview some of the people who work for the charities with the school media team. I found this really interesting.  My favorite talk was about Amnesty international. I found out allot of information about the work they do abroad and in Ireland. Their was also an activity hub but unfortunately I did not have time to go and visit it.
           Over all really enjoyed the day and learned so much.  

Link to Schools Across Borders

Friday, 15 November 2013

The flying potato

This Tuesday all of transition year went to Tallaght IT for a talk called extraordinary science. We went to this talk because it is science week. This science week is about encouraging young people to get more involved in science.
           We arrived earlier then expected so we were given a tour of a room where they grew different kinds of bacteria for medical use. It was really interesting as we got to see all the equipment that is used and how it works.
           Then we were taken into a lecture hall. There was another school in at the talk as well as us. I thought this talk was very interesting especially because the lecturer got different people involved in the experiments.  I enjoyed watching him conduct the experiment. Especially when potato was fired across the room to show the spring of air.  We were also showed how reactive hydrogen is by blowing up a balloon which was filled with it. This caused an explosion but luckily it was not very big, although it was very loud.
          When the talk was finished we were aloud to go to Liffey Valley and get lunch. Here is a link to the science week web site.

Friday, 18 October 2013

I Failed my theory test!!!!

Last Tuesday everyone in TY got a road safety talk. The talk was called Drive for life. It is run all over the country trying to encourage young people to drive safely.
                   At the start of the day we were called down to the library, where the talk would be held. Before the talk started the man who was running it showed us a video. The video was very graphic but accurately showed what a car crash is like.
                    The talk showed what can happen when people drink and drive, text while driving or do not wear their seat belts. He also talked to us about the aftermath of a crash and how so many people's lives are changed for ever.
                      After lunch things got a little lighter. The person in charge told us about the driving test and what we had to do to pass it. After going through it we all had to take the driving theory test. This did not go well for me as I failed it quiet badly :).
                       I found this talk to be very useful. It showed me how unsafe driving can effect the people in the car and also put everyone around them in danger.


Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Pearse Museum

On Thursday the whole of TY went to the Pearse museum in Rathfarnum. The museum used to be a school run by Padraig Pearse and his brother Willie Pearse. Both were executed after the 1916 Easter rising in killmainum gaol. It is now owned by the state.

     In the morning we had to be in school early to get the bus their. I was worried as it was lashing rain (as usual) and lot of the tour was out doors. Luckily my mum reminded me to bring an umbrella :). When we got their my class got a tour of the house with Ms.B. The guide new so much about the house it was so interesting. He showed us the cups that Padraig and Willy Pearse drank their last cup of tea out of,  before they left for the 1916 Easter rising. He said the mother kept them as she never saw Padraig again.

After that we had lunch where I had the nicest hot chocolate ever. It had finally stoped raining so my friend and I had lunch out side. My class and Ms.B then went on a nature walk around the gardens. The guide was so very inspirational. She told the class how her and her friend cycled from Dublin to India in four months with out any training. She also told us about all the charity work she did their. She also told us about all the trees and plants that grow there. Many of them have died due to global warming and have had to be cut down.

After the walk we went back to the house and watched a short documentary on the history of the house. This wasn't my cup of tea but I still learned allot. The whole of TY then used video star to make videos of us with Ms.B, Ms.L and Ms.O. That was so much fun :)

Over all I had a great day at the Museum and it was well worth the trip ( despite the rain )

Monday, 9 September 2013

Workshop Wednesday

This Wednesday we did not have classes but instead  had workshops on confidence, positivist and massage. The first one my class was in was Positive Parties. this workshop was very active workshop. in positive parties the first thing we did was play a game using giant underwear. My friend and I had to figure out how many different ways we could wear them. This resulted in me wearing them on my head and as a lovely hand bag. We also had to dance a lot.
   The next workshop was on confidence. It was very helpful especially when we learned how to hand shake properly.
  The next work shop was on massage. My class learned about the different types of massage and then got to practice them on my friend which did not go very well as I am a terrible masseuse. She then got to massage me this ended terribly also ended very badly because I do not like to sit still and realized that I don't like getting messages.
  I cannot wait for our next workshops but that will not be for a while because I am getting my jc results this Wednesday ahhhh. I am so nervous. Wish me luck
     Sorcha :)